Using Frequency Function

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Hi,  I'm trying to use the Frequency function and followed the example posted via below link

FREQUENCY function (   However, the result was not as illustrated.  Can any one explain why?! 

Using Frequency.JPG



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If you are not using office 365 with its dynamic array environment, then you will need to select the range of cells needed to display all of the results before you key the formula (older versions don't automatically "spill" the results of array formulas), then hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter after keying the formula. Or, if you've already keyed the formula, select the cells needed to display the result, then click in the formula bar and re-confirm the formula w/ Ctrl+Shift+Enter.


So, in this example, I select cells D2:D5 first, then key the formula.







Thanks it works. Actually I saw that in the function description text, but I didn't pay attention to it.