Using excel to map content (To Do List) for setting up Quality Assurance requirements

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I was just wondering if someone could point me in the direction of where I might obtain help setting up an Excel spreadsheet to help us map out our list of things to accomplish to create our quality assurance manual for accreditation.

I’ve just started a new job share role with a brand new company who is will be applying for NDIS Service Provider Certification and part of it is to apply for quality assurance accreditation. It’s a big job and lots to do and because I have a job share role, and we both work separate days, I've been asked by the director to set up an excel document to map (his words) the list of tasks with various links etc that needs to be completed to set up all the policy and procedures, relevant supporting forms (such as complaints form) that relates to each policy and procedure. He wants the first sheet to be an overview of what needs to be done and a sheet for each policy and procedure with a detailed list of what needs to be done for each policy & procedure such as setting up relevant word documents for each policy, setting up the supporting forms using word and excel, conducting various employment checks, induction & training, etc. There are many government checks required as well as training and induction so links to these training website needs to be included in the spreadsheet. The Director wants to be able to look at the spreadsheet and see what has been done and what needs to be done. He also requested that all hyperlinks to all the documents, forms, websites, checks etc are added. Some of the policy & procedures forms cross over so he wants me to show this is the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is not for figures but for loading content. I don’t know how to best set it up and wondered if anyone can direct me. I’ve had a look on YouTube but can’t find anything specific.

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