using Embed as formula/referencing Objects


I'm having to build a basic client database, and want to have running client notes from a word doc appear at the bottom of the below page.


All the small text boxes on the top screen cap currently auto-populate from the name put into the search button. 


I can obviously work out how to embed a word doc down the bottom (text there is only an example, btw, not a real case file), but I cannot work out how to set up any formulas relating to the embedded object etc so that it changes to the relevant file. 


Have I just bitten off more than excel can chew?



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You need some VBA code for that I'm afraid. Which also implies you need the name and path to the Word file in the source data you're currently using to display the other information. Do you have that information? Perhaps you can post an example workbook with no sensitive data in it?
Hmmm, I suspected as much. Thanks. Given how and where it'll be used, really trying to avoid VBA.

(IT has macro etc turned off by default for most users, I've never dived into what specifically happens if I start sending around xlsm files to folks without macros turned on, but I'd rather not use any VBA or macros.)

If I'm still stuck and it is definitely wanted by the folks using it, I shall return and go down that route.

(My next question is around amount of text a text box can hold. As it appears to be less than I thought!)
What about simply including a hyperlink to the Word doc? That way people can click the link if they need to see more information.
Yeah, that will be default. Was just hoping to have a neat running notes section within the spreadsheet.