Using drop down cells in formulas

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Capture.JPGI am trying to use coverage levels in a drop down box to auto fill in total loss in a chart. So my coverage level in D3 dictates my total loss in V14. I want that number to automatically fill in on D17-D20. I can make a formula to fill in what coverage level is currently selected in D3, but I want all of them to be filled in. Right now I have to manually input the total loss in column D. Is there some way to automate it?


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@faithpremier Perhaps like this?


Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 07.55.09.png

=IF(B17=coverage,totalloss,0) where coverage refers to D3 and total loss to V14.


or =IF(B17:B20=coverage,totalloss,0) in case you are working with a modern Excel. This will spill the results into all four cell at once. Make sure that cells D18:D21 are empty though.