Using Decimal Time to work out Hours Worked from Start and Finish Times

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Hi All,

I'm having trouble attempting to figure our Hours worked from a Start Time and Finish Time Cell. I can't use the normal hh:mm formula, needs to be in 00.00 format. Below is what i'm attempting to figure out. I've seen it being used in INT formula but i cant figure it out.

Time StartTime FinishTotal Hours Worked
10.5017.51? Formula to work out Hrs Worked

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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What result do you get when you use =B2-A2 formula? Isn't that your result?


Cell C3





Since the times are left adjusted I assume they are text. 

NB - my local setting are h:mm (with colon) and 0,00 with comma as decimal character.


Col C number format = [h]:mm or h:mm (colon or period depending on local settings. [h] would show hours also over 24).


If col A is left adjusted, then it should work to subtract as @Harun24HR writes. If you want the hours with decimals, multiply by 24 (hours/day) and format as 0,00