Using Conditional Formatting with two types of data

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I am trying to come up with a formula to highlight a cell when it is less than a number and column F = Service B.  I have tried this formula "=AND($F:$F="Service B",$E:$E,30000)" but it does not work.  I am at a loss.  I need to highlight numbers in column E that are less than 27,000 but greater than 33,000 and also have the word Service B in column F.  I also need to do the same for Service A but at smaller values, which once I get the formula correct for service B I should have no problem creating one for service A.

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*correction* The formula I am currently using is =AND($F:$F="Service B",$E:$E<30000). I realized the one above does not have <. I also realize I am only using < and not > as well. I was just trying to get the formula to work before I added the >.



If you are trying to do this to a Table, then you have to do it like this. 



=IF(AND($F2="Service B",$E2<30000),1,0)



 Then for "Applies to", enter the range you want it to happen to.




Here is an example file with two different examples.


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@Erut313 That worked, thank you.  What is the reason for putting the 1,0 at the end of the formula?

@Erut313 I thought it worked but I am having issues now.  I changed your formula to this, so it would pick up anything greater than 33,000.  If you look at the screenshot, row 11 is in red although column f says Service A and the value is not greater than 33000.  Row 12 column E is not in red even though column f says Service B and the value is greater than 33,000.   


@TheBoss86 The 1 and 0 are to activate the conditional formatting. Please send me a screenshot of the values that you chose. Sometimes the Formula will get messed up and instead of $F2 it will say something like $F124034, Make sure that doesnt say that.

@Erut313The screenshot I attached has the formula that is being used.   



Take a screenshot like mine, so I can see your "Applies To"

@Erut313 Here is what I got.

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@TheBoss86 Here you go. I have it as less than, not greater than.

Thank you for the help!!!!! Got it to work.