Using cm or mm instead of pixels for height/width

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Hi there, I have checked help, I have checked the forums and all seem to agree that to change the units from pixels to another unit i.e. cm or mm, you should go to advanced options and in the drop down box, change to your required unit. I have tried this on multiple occasions today and even rebooted the pc to see if that works. All to no avail, the units are stubbornly staying in pixels, please does anyone have an idea of how I can remedy this?

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Hi Lee,


It affects Page Layout view. If, for example, I set units to inches, in Normal view I have


and in Page Layout view


I have the same issue, did You managed to resolve Your problem?


It works ONLY for Page Layout view, did you try in it?

Hi, thank You for Your answer. I don't know how i would use page layout for my issue, i want to solve how to change settings for column width and row height.

For instance i know a box label is 204*38mm, so when i go to excell, i want to be able to set column width to 204 mm and row height to 38 mm (for instance as is possible on Google Sheets).


First, on ribbon you select View->Page Layout


After that select any column(s), right click->Column width and here you may define it in cm or inches, whatever




Thank You! 


It is much more complicated that i would expect it to be, but it does exactly what i need in the end.


You saved me a lot of nerves, thank You a lot :) !

One only fault of this method is, even if i set for instance 19mm for row heigh, excell changes the value to 18.79mm..


Finally Excel in any case operates in terms of pixels and points. Point scale for row height is from 0 to 409 Change the column width and row height - Microsoft Support , point is proportional to pixel.


If to define row height as 1.9 cm Excel takes nearest number of points and adjust the height accordingly. Above is just an idea, I could be wrong in details. Bit more info in that discussion  Excel Row Heights in Fixed Increments (