Using check boxes to indicate cells in a row as positive or negative numbers

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I am creating an inventory spreadsheet for different components we lease to our customers; I'd like to use a checkbox for each row on the left side of the spreadsheet to indicate if the numbers in that row are positive numbers (product in inventory) or negative numbers (product pulled from inventory).  The check box could be toggled to indicate when product has been returned to inventory after the customer brings it back off lease.  


Looking at the photo for reference, I'd ideally like to be able to check the box in column 'B', which, for this example, would dictate if the numbers in row 3 (starting at H3 and going to CQ3) are positive or negative.  


I initially though an IF= function would work, but I'm finding that I need to rethink this.  Any assistance is appreciated.  


Thank You in Advance! Excel Screenshot using checkmark to make cell positive or negative.png

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