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Hi peoples

As i am sure this is the case for most people at work, you get half way through one task before another task presents itself and then we prioritize. I am trying to create a spreadsheet for work where i can keep tabs on where i am on multiple projects at the same time.  So far, i can use the formatting functions with a tick box so that as i complete a task i can tick the box. Once all tasks for a client have been ticked i have one tick box at the very end of the row that i have used the 'TRUE' function in a hidden cell to highlight the entire row in a green colour making it apparent that all tasks are complete. however, when i go to copy this row to create subsequent rows, the final 'COMPLETE' tick box retains the same cell value as the previous one. This is becoming infuriating as i try different ways to get this done... HELP!!!!!!  




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@thombell100 I would skip the check boxes and just use "x". The attached example may shed a light on how you want to conditionally format this based on "x".


@Riny_van_Eekelen Many thanks for your reply... I think i finally understand... you are a superstar!!! Although any alternative suggestions on achieving the same outcome are still welcomed...

@thombell100 Not a superstar, just not fond of these fancy buttons and check boxes. They need Control and other settings like cell links to determine which check box is checked or not.  An "x" or 1 or 0 is much easier to work with. Just a personal opinion though.

@Riny_van_Eekelen I think i had almost got it but yes the sample you sent over gave me the light-bulb moment... the fancy button (although i do like fancy buttons) doesn't seem to be able to format incrementally like normal cells...? someone must have a solution so i can use the fancy ones...? Thanks for your help Riny