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Hi All,

I Have a UserForm the my company uses to order parts from various suppliers. How can I link certain piecesof data from the  UserForm to an Excel spreadsheet?

Thank You


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Unfortunately, I cannot understand whether it is a UserForm with VBA or something else that is meant by specifying in the text.

If I may recommend, attach a file (without sensitive data) or photos and describe your request based on this file or photos.

Knowledge of the Excel version, operating system and storage medium would be an additional advantage to get a quick and accurate solution approach.


Nonetheless, here is some information that might help you.

If it isn't, please just ignore it :).

Copy a macro module to another workbook

If a workbook contains a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro that you would like to use elsewhere, you can copy the module that contains that macro to another open workbook by using the Visual Basic Editor (VBE).


or with formula:



Thank you for your patience and understanding