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I need your support regarding this issue: 


  • Device and OS platform, Windows 10 
  • Excel product name and version number 2013
  • Excel file you’re working with: sample file 



as attached above, I want the result to be like the last column. 

is there any code or macros doing this? 



thank you again for your kind help ... 



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Create the following function in a module in the Visual Basic Editor:

Function Res(rng As Range) As String
    Dim i As Long
    Dim s As String
    For i = 1 To Application.CountA(rng) - 1
        s = s & "," & rng(i).Value
    Next i
    If s <> "" Then
        Res = Mid(s, 2)
    End If
End Function

Let's say the first input range is A2:D2. In E2, enter the formula


This can be filled/copied down.


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Thank you so much, it works really well.



@Hans Vogelaar 


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Kindly, What if I need like the following : 


can you do that if possible?



Example 1Example 1



and also : 


Example 2Example 2


Thank you in advance.. 


To specify a separator, use this function:

Function Result2(rng As Range, sep As String) As String
    Dim cel As Range
    Dim s As String
    For Each cel In rng
        If cel.Value <> "" Then
            s = s & sep & cel.Value
        End If
    Next cel
    If s <> "" Then
        Result2 = Mid(s, Len(sep) + 1)
    End If
End Function

Use like this:



About your second request: do you want to specify the number of characters for each row? Or is there some kind of "rule" that determines the number of characters?