User Form to add/remove cells in 1-column tables, that both feed data validations for user.


I have tried to many codes, and they are all not even close.  I have a user entry table for the user to enter in data that I have being counted at a table on another page.  That other page works great, but I run into trouble when I try to get a user form box to enter data into a table or remove it if matches.  I also need the code to do nothing is one of the boxes is blank.  On the user form you will see the top half, that will add/remove from one validation table, and on the bottom, the other validation table.  I specifically need this to be for tables because they feed the validation.  The user is not friendly with Excell at all, so I have to make this with the least amount of user responsibility as possible.  All help appreciated.  Please see below for details. 

AddOrg MS Help.pngAddCat MS Help.pngTables MS Help.png

The userform box names are:

Add Organization = "AddOrgBox"

Remove Organization = "RemoveOrgBox"

Add Work Class = "AddWCbox"

Remove Work Class = "RemoveWCbox"

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