Use values from multiple cells from previous sheet in IF AND Formula

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Dear Reader,

Can anyone help me with the following:

I want to show output true or false based on the values of 3 cells(A1,A2,A3) that are filled in from the previous tab(Tab_1)












So far I've tried this formula: =IF(AND(Tab_1!A1>=10,Tab_1!A2>=10,Tab_1!A3>=10),"TRUE","FALSE"). But it gives output "#NAME?".












Anyone that can help me with this? :)


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I tried your formula and I changed all the "," for ";" and the results were TRUE / FALSE / FALSE.

I hope I've helped!



Thanks for your quick reply! :)


I tried your solution but I still don't get output "True" or "False"


The Formula I've got before gave me some (still wrong) output "#NAME?"



I'm pretty stuck on possible solution now to be honest :grinning_face_with_sweat:


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Since you use the Dutch version  of Excel, you should use EN instead of AND. There is no need to use ALS (IF)




If you use comma as decimal separator, it should be