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Use of wildcards when referencing a separate workbook

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I have a inventory processing database that is dependent on my POS latest sales report as well as item catalogue


Currently I am copying and pasting the data from those workbooks to my processing workbook


I would like to reference the workbook files however each day they are download the date and time in the file name is different.


My attempt - 


='[item-sales-summary *.csv]item-sales*'!A1

Since the date after the file name is the only thing that changes  I was wondering if the * would work, It appears as though it does not. 


Any tips, tricks, or ideas?




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You're going to need INDIRECT to tell Excel the text is a workbook reference. Although, I can't recommend INDIRECT because it's volatile and requires the linked workbook to be open to calculate. Another approach might be to query the workbook with PowerQuery and go from there.