Use Microsoft Forms to edit an existing row in Excel online

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"When we insert a Form in Excel Online, it will add a new Tab called like "Form1" with a linked updatable table. The table is created according to your form and it has some fixed columns recording form responders' information.

There seems to be no method to create a form based on our existing table/row. We can't make our existing table/row updatable using Microsoft Forms." (


Does anybody have an idea if there is a solution for this?
I have a members list with different data rows (name, birth date, etc.) for which I would like to create a form so that new members can enter themselves.

If I understand it well, I have to create the form with my desired sections and then copy & paste all the existing data into the connected form columns, right?

There is no way to create the form automatically out of the existing rows?


Thank you for your help guys!

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You may first create the Form connected to your Excel file. It creates structured Table. Without changing this table columns names you may add existing data from other source to the table.


Each time someone fills the form new row will be added to the table, it won't affect already entered into the table data.


Moreover, you may add another columns to that table (e.g. for comments, whatever), and add into such columns information manually.


What is important, columns linked to the Form shall not be changed. I don't remember now they are linked by internal ID or by names, in any case it will be more reliable to keep created by Form columns as they are without modifications. Data and other columns could be added manually.


All above is quite easy to test before deploying final variant into production.

Thank you for your help Sergei!