Use Autofill for multiple values in a cell

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I am printing out labels where each column is a different day # and date and each row is a different timestamp.  I'm making these for about 45 days and was wondering if there is an easy way to use the autofill function (or another method) to make it faster to fill out rather than copying and pasting each column and manually inputing the day # and date for each cell. Thanks!




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=IF(MOD(COLUMN(A:A),2)=1,CONCATENATE(A$8," ",TEXT($J1,"h:mm"),CHAR(10),TEXT(A$9,"M/TT/jjjj"),CHAR(10),"volume:"),"")

Maybe with this formula. You can enter the relevant data in rows 8 and 9 and in column J. I've entered the formula in cell A1 and copied across range A1:G6.


@Quadruple_Pawn Aha that's perfect, thank you!