Use a conditional value in a formula?

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I need to create a formula to get the average of 11 discontiguous cells. If there's a negative value in one of those cells, though, it should be dropped. 


Is this possible? Can it be done without using VBA? If I need to use VBA, what's the best resource for getting started?


For context, I have run and (lightly) edited macros created by someone else, but I've never created one myself. I have some experience with Python, but I am not a programmer. I'm a longtime Excel user (back to MS-DOS days), but I haven't been using it heavily in the last few years.


Thank you!

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Why are those cells non-contiguous? Can you show us what your layout looks like? Or -even better- upload an anonymized copy of your workbook? (to upload files, click the reply link and then the "Open full text editor" link)




With Office 365 or Excel for the web this formula works in my example.


Thanks so much! I'll try that right away.