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Good day, 


i‘ve got a question. 


Is it possible to update an Excel-sheet in Excel for iPad which i‘ve created in Excel for Mac and which is using an external data source ? I made an Excel-sheet with share-prices. On my Mac i can update this sheet with actual share-prices but not on Excel for iPad. 


Is it generally possible to work in Excel for iPad with external data sources ?


Many thank‘s in advance for your help ! 

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My knowledge of the ipad is limited to the essentials (to put it mildly). But during my research I came across the following information, which I am sending you.

* It is better to have an imprecise answer than none at all (Nikolino).


On the Data tab, in the Connections group, click Update All. To update only the selected data, click Update. You can also right-click a cell in the range or table, and then click Update.


Excel for iPad Help

Refresh an external data connection in Excel


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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@NikolinoDE soory for late reply  

many thank‘s for your research, but it is still not working. In the iPad-version there‘s a data-tab but you‘ve got only 4 options under this tab and unfortunately no refresh-button like in the desktop-version. 


In the meantime i accepted that currently there‘s no possibility to use the moibile Excel-version for my purposes. 


Once again many thank‘s & Regards


@NikolinoDE You could not be more wrong about that. In what world is an incorrect answer better than no answer at all? I mean, this idea isn’t debatable in the least. It’s flat out dumb. If you don’t know the answer, don’t answer it!

@Chuck Hildebrandt 

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