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I am running a VBA routine that creates a temporary PDF file and when it is done kills it. My problem is I receive an error access denied. This is on my local C Documents Drive it is not a security issue because if I wait anywhere between 10-30 seconds the process will move forward and delete the temp file. When I export the file I am exporting it as a pdf using .ExportAsFixedFormat with OpenAfterPublish set to False. So I do not know what is taking place before the kill will recognize the file and delete it. I really do not want to use the Wait procedure as that would take too long. Is there a different approach I can take that will allow me to kill this temp file fast without waiting? Note: When I used this same code a year ago I did not have this issue. So I am not sure what has changed to cause this issue.

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What do you do with the PDF file between its creation and the attempt to delete it?

After the temp file is created it is saved to a network folder (not my C Drive) which is what is causing the issue. The network is really slow. Your post helped solve the issue. Thanks
What I did to fix the issue was re-route the files being saved to the network to my Local Drive. Which then made everything much faster. I will copy the files over to the network when I am done.