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I am doing assignment for school and stuck at one question. Its distance study, so contacting instructor is not an option.

Question is: I made 3 new column on sheet of inventory, In first column I have to change the price to reflect discount of 24%, but only for items in stock( another column) over 100, otherwise price won't change.

Second: If quantity of stock is smaller than 80, place an order for 50, if not, order 0

Third: Assume that data values stored in Unit price column represent the wholesale price ( WP). Determine Recommended Retail Price (RRP) based on the following business rule. If WP is greater than 20, RRP will be increased by 28%. If not, RRP will be increased by 35%.

This is like way too advanced for me and have no idea where to turn.


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Hello Lenka, 

Perhaps, the attached file will answer your assignment. Note that you can modify the values in J1:J6, without any required modification in the formulas. 

Please feel free to seek any clarification that might bother your inquisitive mind. 



THANK YOU so much! I have literally finished it in 10 minutes. It worked like magic.

You’re welcome!