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Hi Everyone, I have been tasked with updating a macro and the associated scoring sheets for laboratory analysis of water  ,,where samples are collected giving rise to 5 columns of data. The macro then takes the data from an ., file - my understanding is quite low of the technical aspect but this appears to be a dynamic csv file, which takes the data and brings it in to excel for the system to check the results and flag those that are above ant regulatory limits or are close to being a problem. 


I unfortunately have to provide an updated copy of this macro - and the criteria file that the macro reviews. All ahead of the 11th July (if I fail this I won't have a job! - so no pressure!) 


each sample site has its own tab in an excel file and within this the macro goes down the list matching parameter and then cross checking against what values are in this spreadsheet . Where a result is above an alert it outputs the cell contents In orange and where it is a failure, then red. 

Whilst I get that macro's read left to right but I am unclear whether in a table do the parameters have to be in alphabetical order or if a row is missing data then what? 


This task uses an 3 character code to identify the parameter in question. I don't know if there's a more efficient way of completing this task - any help / hints tips / particular training / functions that others may suggest

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 I recently had a similar scenario and Power Automate was a lifesaver!

 Excel Online (Business) | Microsoft Power Automate

I am an excel noob but @Leila Gharani is an excel queen!

She has amazing step by step tutorials: 

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