URGENT HELP: Excel Graph Issue


I inserted an excel graph called, "Concentration of cholesterol in people between 45 and 64 years of age" (bottom graph) using the data from 'Table 2.' -> 'Frequency' -> '45-64'. I was able to change both the titles of the axises, BUT the issue is, it will not let me change the x-axis number range and values. I'm trying to change the x-axis values to the 'Bins' values (from Table 2.). Anytime I go to edit the axises it only enables and disables them. It wont let me edit the values (where I did this I highlighted with a red box at the top). I also put red boxes around the values in the table I'm trying to use and the axis I'm trying to change. The table above I did in class on a different version of excel. This is due today so if anyone can help that would be great, Thank you.excelphoto.png

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