UPPER Not Working

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I am trying to make 'J' column upper case in 'K' coloumn.
What am I doing wrong?

Both columns are 'Text' columns.

The file is in 'OneDrive'.


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@Phishdawg Column K may have been formatted as text before you entered the formula or you accidentally pressed Show Formulas on the Formula ribbon.

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 06.30.58.png

Press it again!

I changed the column to text.

I was prepping the doc to become a SharePoint list.

I was unaware that making the column a 'Text' column would impact my ability to use formulas.

@Phishdawg Not sure if you got my point. Your issue will arise when you format the column as Text before you enter the formula. Entering the formula first and then setting the column to text will work. Though it will not really matter, I think, as UPPER will return a text string by default even when the column format is General.