Updating date and time using computer time zone settings


Hi. I have an excel file with 1 x date column and 1 x time column set as UK time for event in the future.

I want these columns to update according to the time zone settings the user has on their computer.

Can I take those columns and using a formula have two new columns which update to local (user's) time?

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See the attached version. I used a lookup table with time zones.

Thanks Hans. I think maybe I did not make myself clear. If, foe example, someone open the file in Bangkok then what I want that person to see is for 1st game
Sat, 12 June, 02:00, 2nd game Sat, 13 June, 20:00, and so on. If they open the file in HongKong then 1st game Sat, 12 June, 03:00, 2nd game Sat, 13 June, 21:00; if they open it in any location it changes the UTC time in London to their date/time depending on their location (computer time zone). Thank you again for any assistance and sorry if I was unclear. Dennis

@Hans Vogelaar 

As a comment, in general it will be nice to add

- US and Europe change it at different time

- Russia doesn't change the time at all, thus UTC+3 at winter and UTC+2 at summer

Hi Sergei, For this case it does not matter about winter / summer time as it is all in summer.


That would be complicated; I'll leave that for someone else.