Updating data according to a ranking found online

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Hi everyone,


I have a recruiting company where I help French golfers who want to play college golf in the US. I have all the coaches' names and email adresses stored on an excel sheet and use that to contact them. However, I would like to rank these emails according to the current official ranking. So for example, if stanford is 10th on the official golfstat ranking, have the coach's name and email appear in 10th position. If I saw that they moved up to 3rd, I would like to then be able to update my files and now have their information come up on the 3rd line. I don't know if this makes sense, but need help from one of you guys. Thanks @members

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If you already have the data on the Excel sheet the way you want it, just use the filter function

...is just a quick fix suggestion :).

Filter data in a range or table

FILTER function



If the source data were an online table, it could be extracted and sorted using Power Query before loading it to Excel.