Updating Cell Value Automatically Based on Multiple Cell's Date

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I am attempting something that I'm not quite sure is possible. The goal would be for the cell in D7 to update automatically based on the the information in cells E7, F7, and G7. Ideally, would what happen is that if one of these cells is blank, the status will update to "Incomplete," where 




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Enter the following formula in D7:

Thank you! Is there a way to expand the formula so that it only kicks into gear after the date listed in C8?

I tried =If(TODAY()>DATEVALUE(C8)(OR(E8:G8=""),"Incomplete","Complete") but it's coming back with an error.




@Hans Vogelaar 


It seems like this is freezing the result to "Complete" now regardless of the date or if the other cells have anything populated or not. 


The formula I have written is: 

=IF(AND(TODAY()>C8,OR(E8:G8="")), "Incomplete","Complete")




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Amazing - thank you so much!