Updating a cell, automatically updates values in source cell (probably with VLOOKUP and more)

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My intention is to have all my exercises with some images and the Kg value that I'm using for each exercise, in one sheet (like what we see from column "A" to "D"), in the image below.


and in addition, have (one sheet per day), for all the exercises I pretend to do on each day, like what we see on the colum ("F" to "J")


(I have a PDF with a list of exercises per day, In which with the help of excel, I just need to put the name of the exercises on the column F, and with a vlookup on the columns "G", "H" and "I", I get the images and the kg's value that I'm currently using for each exercise (from the list of exercises (column A to D))).


Now, the challenge comes when, assuming that during my exercises, I'm only seeing Day1 sheet, and updating new kg values in e.g.: column J.


And I would like to have column D updated with the new value that was inserted in column J, instead of having to go to the "list of exercises sheet" (column A to D) updating the new kg value in the list of the specific exercise.




The solution might be easy, but I'm not being able to find it, therefore, any help would it be well appreciated.


Kg values that I insert in this example are not always values that only grow, can be e.g.: "text"

(just to avoid comparations "greather than" etc)
The idea is that the values in the column "D" got updated every time a new value is inserted in any sheet in the column J


thanks in advance

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