UpdateLinks Excel on linux

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Hello Guys,

First, thank you to those who will take the time to answer this problem.


I create a XLSX with Two sheet, first is "Dashboard" and second is "Data".

The sheet "Dashboard" contains only formule "=DATA!E13" , if i open, the links is update. It's great.

But I received a XLSX in my mailbox, if preview this XLSX, the data in my sheet " Dashboard " isn't update.

Do you have any solution ?

My search :

- open and save the xlsx before send by mail, but i can't because my xlsx is on Linux.

- I use python script but i didn't work, i can't updatelinks.

- Api excel ?

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Looks like calculation is set to manual. Click the Formulas tab and then the Calculation options drop-down.
No, it's Automatique.

only the preview is not up to date, If i'm download it's fine.

i think, the question is : How update link excel on linux ? if i update link before send mail , it's ok.
AFAIK There isn't a Linux version of Excel, am I mistaken?
No version Excel on Linux
That's why, i would like use Api excel or Excel web, for save xlsx on my linux. But i can't ?
Excel online cannot save local, but it works with e.g. Onedrive, perhaps there is a Linux onedrive app?
I have a solution, but, it isn't the best.

On my linux, i developpe a python script.
The script transfer le file on Windows server.

On the windows server, i have a script on batch who execute macro Excel.
This macro excel, open and save the xlsx.

After un transfert the file on my linux.