Updated data validation list not reflected in column filter

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Hi. I wonder if anyone can help solve my problem?


  • I have a "Staff member name" column as part of a large table.
  • I use a data validation list to allow me to select the relevant name.
  • I recently added new names to the data validation list.
  • I occasionally need to filter the table to show all rows for a single staff member.
  • The newly added names are not showing in the column filtering drop-down.


Any ideas?

Thank you.

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The filter drop-down only shows values that are currently present in the column. So if the new names haven't been selected yet, they will not be listed in the filter drop-down.


Thank you @Hans Vogelaar , but that doesn't seem to be the answer.
I have recently added "Fiona" to the data validation list and added her in the final row, but hr name does not appear in the filter drop-down.



Is there something else I could try?



Please verify if there are any hidden empty rows preceding the newly inserted line.


Are you sure that the new row is included in the filter range?

That's done it. Thank you!