Update wiped out all charts

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A recent update wiped out all Excel charts.  Is there ANY way of retrieving these charts

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could you explain more? wiped out from?



Excel files  e.g. file with 4 charts relating to columns data vs period

2 Charts totally disappeared

2 Charts left with just the Title of the chart.  These two remaining were stacked on top of one another.  Just a total shambles.  I'm also seeming to be having trouble re-establishing the charts on the data.

Frankly, I didn't save the file before trying to re-establish the charts so they are lost.  I'll have to work out a way of re-doing the charts - probably by transferring the data out.

This type of thing has happened before but was fixed within  a day or so - this time MS don't seem to bother.

Note - I tried to go back to old files. Every file the same - 2 charts totally disappeared and the other two with no data in them.