Update ANOVA calculation with new values

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Hi everyone,


I am trying to run Anova single factor calculation for three different groups. I want to see how the anova values change when I edit the group values. Is there a way for excel to auto-update the anova calculation when I make changes to values? I tried searching online and found a Reddit post(  They mention VBA macros as a possible solution but didn't elaborate. Can someone help write one for me or direct me to a site that can quickly show me how? Thanks!

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@Jan Karel Pieterse Thanks for the suggestion! I might end up just writing out the formulas, but I was wondering if there was any way to accomplish this using the built-in ANOVA data analysis tool? 

No, the Analisys Toolpak add-in only spits out static results. Hence the referral to the Uservoice link, it is high time they update that tool so it delivers formula based results.