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I don't think phone calls are usually a part of the service here. Is it possible for you to post copies of the spreadsheets you're talking about and what the context is. If the originals contain confidential information, it should be rendered anonymous.


By changing names or any other data that could be identifiable. It's hard to know without knowing what the nature of the project is. Could be people's names; could be product IDs; could be dollar amounts. You want the nature of the problem to be discernible but not any truly private, confidential or proprietary data.

Thank you. 

Yes. But all you posted are images. Not much can be done with images. Especially when they're that small (I'm getting old, and working on a desktop)...Is it possible to post here, on the public space, the actual workbook?
I don't use Power Query (it's not available on a Mac); there are others here who do and who could probably help with that. My expertise (if I can presume to use that label) is more in database design and derivation of reports from a well-designed database. My concern with what I've seen is that you have multiple sheets when it might be possible to have just one, made up of a series of separate downloads or reports. But I'm basing that on limited views.

Is the data proprietary? If it is, then I think you'll be better served (unless you can come up with a way to totally disguise it) by finding an Excel consultant in your part of the world...But if you can disguise it, I'm sure that I or somebody else here on this site would be happy to help