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So I have a unique situation for excel.

I have one spreadsheet that I would like to have the formula's automatically applied to instead of having to put it into the spreadsheet everytime I use the template.

Second issue is that I am using two other spreadsheets to populate the template and the reference spreadsheet names change daily.

Here is an example

Spreadsheet one = Ref1Jan2019#1 

Spreadsheet two = Ref1Jan2019#2

Formula for the template or master spreadsheet is as follows.



#=the column I am refering to on that particular spreadsheet


Spreadsheets one and two change date based off the date the report is run.


So is there a way to automagically update the formula or am I destined to spend my time re-typing the formula in everytime I need to update the master spreadsheet or is there a better method to get the results?


Thanks in advance.


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You can update the source from the Data, Edit Links button and clicking the "Change Source" button.