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Unique Ref! Error When Using Power Query

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I have a problem where my excel file cannot use unique function after i use power query. 

Please help.



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The "Unique Ref!" error in Excel typically occurs when there is an issue with a reference in a formula. This error is not directly related to Power Query, but it might be caused by changes or issues in your worksheet, including data loaded through Power Query.

Here are some steps to troubleshoot and resolve the "Unique Ref!" error:

  1. Check Formula References: Review all your formulas, especially those using the "UNIQUE" function. Make sure that the cell references in these formulas are correct and that they point to valid data ranges.
  2. Data Integrity: Verify the integrity of your data loaded through Power Query. Ensure that there are no unexpected changes in column headers, data types, or data structure.
  3. Refresh Data: If you have data loaded through Power Query, try refreshing the data by right-clicking on the query and selecting "Refresh." This ensures that your data is up to date and consistent.
  4. Table Names: If your data is loaded into Excel tables through Power Query, check that the table names are still valid. If a table name is changed in Power Query, it can affect formulas that reference that table.
  5. Cell Formatting: Sometimes, cell formatting issues can cause errors. Check the formatting of cells involved in your formulas and make sure it is consistent.
  6. Excel Calculation Mode: Ensure that Excel's calculation mode is set to "Automatic" by going to the "Formulas" tab and selecting "Calculation Options." An incorrect calculation mode can lead to errors.
  7. Evaluate Formula: Use the "Evaluate Formula" feature in Excel to step through your formula and identify where the error is occurring. To do this, select the cell with the formula, go to the "Formulas" tab, and click "Evaluate Formula."
  8. Error Message Details: If the error message includes more details (e.g., a cell reference), use that information to pinpoint the issue in your formula or data.
  9. Version and Updates: Ensure that you are using a recent version of Excel with the latest updates. Sometimes, Excel errors are fixed in newer versions or updates.
  10. Test on a New Worksheet: Create a new worksheet and try recreating the scenario where you encounter the "Unique Ref!" error. This can help determine if the issue is specific to your current worksheet.
  11. Backup and Recovery: If none of the above steps work, consider restoring a backup of your Excel file from a point before the error occurred.

If you can provide more specific details about the formula or the data you are working with, for more targeted guidance. Information such as Excel version, operating system, storage medium, etc. would also help. The text and steps were edited with the help of AI.


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