Unique Function in Excel for Mac

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The Unique Function is not available in my new MacBook Pro with chip Apple M1 Pro.

It was available in my old MacBook Pro with Intel Processor.

Anybody knows the reason?

Thank you.

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What is your excel version? UNIQUE() is only availble to Microsoft-365 both for Windows as well as MAC.


My Excel version is Office 365, installed in two computers:

  1. My old MacBook Pro 2016 with Intel Processor.
  2. My new MacBook Pro 2021 with Chip Apple M1 Pro.

UNIQUE() function (UNICOS() in spanish) is available only in my old computer, and it works properly. In my new computer that function is not available in the same Excel version.

Perhaps it's necessary that Microsoft release an update for new Mac models.

Now I have installed the last update of Office 365, and the UNIQUE() function is working properly.
Thank you very much.