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Hello everyone!


I am trying to create a filter that will count all the unique values assuming the values in column C are between 300 and 649. I can get the formula to work fine if I just use one value to search for, but I can't seem to figure out how to add the second value. I trying doing the below but it's not working.


COUNTA( UNIQUE( FILTER( 'Iri Comp Data'!$K:$K, ('Iri Comp Data'!$C:$C>=300) 'Iri Comp Data'!$K:$K, ('Iri Comp Data'!$C:$C<=649) * ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Foodland",'Iri Comp Data'!$O:$O) ) * ISNUMBER( SEARCH( "ON",'Iri Comp Data'!$S:$S )) )))


And ideas how to fix it?


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Hi @Renattae_Schmidt 


Try the following:

        FILTER('Iri Comp Data'!$K:$K,
            ('Iri Comp Data'!$C:$C >= 300) *
            ('Iri Comp Data'!$C:$C <= 649) *
            ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Foodland",'Iri Comp Data'!$O:$O)) *
            ISNUMBER(SEARCH("ON",'Iri Comp Data'!$S:$S))

If this doesn't work please share your workbook with i.e. OneDrive, Google Drive... and post the link here - Thanks


=COUNTA( UNIQUE( FILTER( 'Iri Comp Data'!$K:$K, ('Iri Comp Data'!$C:$C>=300) * ('Iri Comp Data'!$C:$C<=649) * ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Foodland",'Iri Comp Data'!$O:$O)) * ISNUMBER( SEARCH("ON",'Iri Comp Data'!$S:$S)))))