Union intersect operator. "," (comma)


Does anyone know if in EU and Indonesian versions of Excel, whether the Union intersect operator is a comma or ; (semi-colon)., as usual, doesn't make a mention on the issue of how those versions have problems because of the use of the , (comma) for the decimal indicator. 

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If you use comma as decimal separator:

\ separates columns in an array

; separates rows in an array.

For example, ={1\2\3;4\5\6} results in




; is the union operator: =SUM(A1:A2;C2:D2) is the sum of A1, A2, C2 and D2.

space is the intersect operator: =SUM(D1:F1 E1:E2) is the sum of the cells in the intersection of D1:F1 and E1:E2 (i.e. cell E1).

Thanks Hans!
As I suspected there is a difference where a comma is the decimal separator.