Unified FTE on on tab with multiple projects.

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Hi All,
I'm new in the forum and was browsing through it and was not able to find the answer, perhaps if you know the thread you can direct me to it.

Mainly I'm looking for a way on excel to unify on one tab the roles on another tab with multiple projects.

Let's say the consolidated staff tab will have a list of all resources on a project and on the project tab there is a lit of all the projects who has similar resource each.

For example:
Project Manager Total: 40 hours
Designer UI: 24 hours

Project 1:
Project Manager: 16 hours
Designer UI: 8 hours

Project 2:
Project Manager: 24 hours
Designer UI: 16

I tried using VLOOKUP, but i could only make it work for 1 project and not multiple.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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A number of ideas, yes, but little chance of any being relevant to you unless you are using Excel 365 or, at least, 2021.  One can use CHOOSE to select tables (from any worksheet) and use SUMIFS to aggregate the hours.

= SUM(MAP({1;2}, SUMIFλ))

where "SUMIFλ" is defined to be
         table, CHOOSE(k,TableA,TableB),
         prole, XLOOKUP("role", headers, table),
         hours, XLOOKUP("hours", headers, table),
         SUMIFS(hours, prole, role)

or using more recent array methods rather than ranges

= LET(
     combined,    VSTACK(TableA,TableB),
     projectRole, TAKE(combined,,1),
     hours,       TAKE(combined,,-1),

@Peter Bartholomew 

Thank you. I will try it out.