UnHiding/collasping Columns

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I need help to stop a spreadsheet from collapsing on me.  I have read the directions but still no success.

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 3.00.16 PM.png

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@24ktBrat What do you mean by "the spreadsheet ..... collapsing on me"?



The spread sheet has 8 Columns in total, and the last three columns go into hiding and I must physically open them up each time. 


@24ktBrat Sorry, never seen that happening before.

Could it be a macro that hides the columns when the workbook is opened?

Try opening the workbook without triggering the open event code (click on file/open, locate your file, then hold down the shift key before you select the file from the recent file list or click the open button if you use the file open dialog box and hold the shift key down until the file is completely loaded).