unfliter data in excel 2018 table

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I want to create advance filter for a table by using advanced filter so that when I type some name it filters out that data from the range of cells.

I saw a video in the you tube which explains how to do it.


One of the steps advised is to unfliter the data by going in to the data tab. I have excel 2019 I suppose where I couldn't do it. I also clicked clear filter but the arrow which points down in the header does not go away

can some one help on this


Tutorial for Excel 2013 to create an advanced filter and then adds macros to run and clear the filter and attaches them to buttons
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Does the key combination 'Ctrl+Shift+L' work for you?

It is something I use automatically following Ctrl+L to create a List/Table, to get rid of the pesky little down arrows that I never use :) 

@Peter Bartholomew 


Thanks for your reply

some how that problem is solved and I was able to successfully setup advanced filter with the tab as shown in the video.

However I have encountered another problem, up untill now I was using slicer for filtering which has stopped working.

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