Unexpected results

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Hello there, first I tried the calculation on SQL Server, and as I wasn't getting the expected results, I've decided to try it on Excel. Interesting enough I got the same results. What am I doing wrong?

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Please explain what you want to calculate, and what the expected result would be


Sorry for the lack of information!
So it starts with the Column1 and then it calculates the next value adding the percentage of the Diff column, based on the previous Column1. Adding or subtracting. For the 5 initial rows, everything works as expected, but then I start getting unexpected results, at least for my understanding. I first tried this o SQL Server, but as I was getting these results, I tried on Excel, with the seme unexpected values.


OK, but you haven't told me in detail how you want the calculation to work, nor how the result is different from what you expected/wanted. That makes it impossible to help you...

Solved :)