Unable to show rows in excel

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I'm working on a spreadsheet with a large number of rows.  I hid rows 23-117 to work more efficiently arranging the data.  Now I can't get these rows to unhide.  I have tried highlighting the cells, clicking on the double bar, closing and reopening the spreadsheet, but none of this has worked.  Right now, the only way I'm able to see the hidden rows is to drag them open individually from the bottom of the group.  

Any suggestions of how to get the rows unhidden?

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Select row 22 by clicking on its row number.

Hold down Shift while clicking on the row number of row 118, to select all rows from 22 to 118.

On the Home tab ribbon, in the Cells group, select Format > Hide & Unhide > Unhide Rows.

Alternatively, right-click anywhere in the selection and select Unhide from the context menu.