Unable to repair corrupted Excel file

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Please help.

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I am unable to repair one Excel file which got corrupted. I can see the data If  I use the third party tool but it asks for money to save the data. 


Can anyone help me with any Excel file recovery tool which will allow to save the data after recovery (Free of cost).


I have tried XLStyle Tool from MSFT as well. 

Please help.


What extra third party software are doing to recover the file which cant be done by our self. If those software are able to recover the data from the file which means that it is recoverable.

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Any help?



Try open and repair inbuild option. 

1. Open MS Excel

2. Go to File-> Open

3. Select the file which you want to Repair

4. Select Open and Repair

Hi Rohit!

Were you able to repair it? And how did you see the data using the third party tool, could you please explain it to me?

It would be of so much help!