Unable To Refresh: We couldn't get updated values from a linked workbook

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I have set up a SharePoint Team Site where we are utilizing OneDrive for document storage/collaboration.

There are two channels in this site:

1. Employee (General Access for everyone in our team)

2. Management (Restricted Access for Management level staff)


(All references to Excel are the browser based version)


In the Management channel we utilize an excel workbook to track each employee's performance on one master Excel Workbook, each employee having their own dedicated tab in the workbook.


From there in the Employee channel, each individual has a folder to which only they (and Management) may access. In that folder is an Excel Workbook that mirrors their tab on the "Master Excel Workbook", this is being accomplished by setting up links for each cell to communicate with data entered on the "Master Excel Workbook" and provide the employee with real time data on their performance.


Cell Formulas/Links look like this: ='https:/sharepoint.com/sites/TeamName/Shared Documents/1. Employees/Employee X/[Test Employee Spreadsheet.xlsx]Smith, John'!$C$3


The Problem:

When the employee utilizes their folder's excel document they are prompted to "Enable Content" for the Workbook to update. However, they are then given the message "Unable To Refresh: We couldn't get updated values from a linked workbook". When an individual from the Management staff click "Enable Content", the Workbook updates correctly according to changes made on the "Master Excel Workbook" housed in the Management channel.


I assume this has to do with a permissions issue, however, is there a way to enable the employee's workbook to update and reflect changes made on the "Master Excel Workbook", despite all the employees no having access the source document. (Or if I making things to complicated and there is a simpler way to perform a similar function please let me know)


I hope I have explained this in a logical manner, and thank you to anyone who provides assistance.

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@Brandon_Johnson I am having this exact same issue but haven’t found a solution. Were you Able to solve it?