Unable to open .xls that have protected sheets or protect workbook structure




     Since last week, I am no longer able to open .xls files that have protected sheets or workbook structure.  Before that everything was working well.  I can open those excel files on other computers with the same version of excel.   Excel 2016 Version 1901 (build 11231.20130)


I have try the following things:


- quick Repair

- Online Repair

- Ignore other application that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

- removed all add-ins and Com

- enable Macro

- remove the 3 check box of the Protected View screen

- Remove the file block settings

- Uninstall office completely from the computer with the Microsoft fix-it program and did a fresh re-install

- Deleted the user profile from the computer and even try with a different user.

- can open other .xls file that does not contain protect functionality in it.

- I tried to open the file from the network or locally on my computer.


When I open the problematic workbook, it freeze completely with CPU at 30% and memory at 3.2 gig and go up to 3.6 gig before closing.  I have 16 gig of ram on my computer.  If I open Excel then I open the file, I get a grey background with the menu and formula bar.  the I click in the grey area and I get  a message saying "Not enough system resources to display completely"


Anybody as seen that and know the fix?










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