Unable to group by date in Pivot Table

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In the pivot table I have set up, it is organized by days, but whenever I try to group it by week, it doesn't allow me the option.


From looking up on other websites, a grouping dialogue should pop up to allow me to enter a starting and ending date, but no such dialogue occurs for me whenever I try to group. Whenever I try to right click a date, it gives me a message saying


I have tried on both Windows and Mac, but I get the same result and I cannot group my PivotTable by week.


Any help on what my problem is? Could it be the software itself?

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The inability to group on date usually suggests there's at least one text item in the dates column. It could be something as simple as a bad date or an obvious text entry. Go to the source data, drop a filter on the data, and inspect the filter. If there's an entry (or two) that doesn't consolidate with your dates, you have the answer.


Are you sure that the values are real dates and not text values looking like dates?

Does the date column in the data source contain empty cells, or non-date values?