Unable to enter account number correctly on current Spreadsheet document

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I am attempting to enter this account number (09115111586407) into ANY CELL (since I was unable to insert the number into the specific cell I wanted in my current document for the first time (THIS current document, named 22-0601-0630; all previous spreadsheets completed successfully, monthly since 2019, without this particular account # on them); once unsuccessful after numerous attempts, I attempted to insert this same #, by every other method known, i.e., "Sheet(#s) in the same document; other NEW spreadsheets, . For an unknown reason, the acct # listed above ALWAYS comes through as 9.11511E+12. I HAVE ALSO TRIED USING EVERY choice offered in the [HOME] "Number" (General - TEXT (*which seems to be the format it keeps appearing as*) as well as the "More Number Formats" offered, with no success for any style).  It is imperative I be able to enter this account #, as I have the (Link &) account # entered for each bill I pay monthly and will need this # every month going forward. 




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Either format the cells where you enter the account numbers as Text before entering them, or prefix the account numbers with an apostrophe ' to force Excel to treat them as text.