Unable to customize keyboard shortcuts in excel 365

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Did microsoft remove this function? They had it in 2016.



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To my knowledge, the keyboard shortcuts in Excel cannot be customized unless you use some third-party tools!

Please check out this link.


By the way, this option is available in Word not in Excel according to this article.

How did you customize it in Excel 2016?


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I agree, I cannot find "Customize Shortcuts" tab that is mentioned by Microsoft itself in this article:




Have you reached any progress? I still cannot find it



Nothing changes, customized shortcuts for Word have been for years and exist now - as in post you mentioned


There were no customized shortcuts in Excel and I don't think they'll be out of the box.


You’re right, I didn’t realise that the article I was referring to was talking about Word, I assumed it was about Excel as my search was for Excel.


Anyways, any advice how to check the list of the assigned keyboard shortcuts in my Excel programme? The thing is, there is a universal keyboard shortcut that does not work with me whenever I try it, which is: Ctrl + ; which is there to hardcode today’s date, whereas this one works: Ctrl + Shift + ; which is there to hardcode the time now, I haven’t changed anything in my setting and I cannot figure out why it doesn’t work, so I thought to check the list of the assigned keyboard shortcuts to find out what this combination, Ctrl + ; is assigned for in my version.


All available keyboard shortcuts are listed here Keyboard shortcuts in Excel (microsoft.com)

To use Ctrl+something or Ctrl+Shift+something could depend on regional setting and your keyboard layout - above is for U.S.

@CommonQuestion Workaround: Record whatever you were wanting to do as a macro. You can then assign a keyboard shortcut to that.

Pretty ridiculous that you can no longer assign a keyboard shortcut directly, but fairly typical Redmond idiocy.

I created a macro in Excel, assigned CTRL-r (which isn't in the list of shortcuts), BUT, it doesn't seem to override the Excel assigned key. Is there a method to tell Excel to use mine and not theirs?


CTRL + R is a built in shortcut in Excel for Copying to the Right. if you have a column of Text or numbers and you select an equal range in the column just to its right side., hit CTRL + R to copy to the right column.

Thanks @nabilmourad 

It looked like that is what is was doing. Do bad Excel doesn't let you override that or at least tell you that the shortcut key you define isn't going to work!

@SergeiBaklanIt's not there now. I used it for years. The article references where it should be, but it's gone.