Unable to change bounds and units of x axis on Excel

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I'm trying to create a line chart and I'm using dates between 1250-2020 on the horizontal axis but I'm unable to adjust the bounds and units so I can't change the intervals at which the dates appear on the chart. I want the dates to be written on the chart in 150 year intervals. I have tried writing the years in the dd/mm/yyyy format but this has not worked. I've also tried changing the 'number value' from general to date and this has not worked. When I try to do these fixes, it recognises my date range as between 1903-1905. I would appreciate some help in overcoming this issue. Thank you in advance.

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Excel does not handle dates before 1900. If you enter for example 01/01/1849 in a cell, Excel treats it as a text value, and you cannot perform date calculations with it.

It would be better to store just the year in the cells, as a number.