Ugh. I'm at my wits end. Trying to combine two formulas and I'm stuck.


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I am trying to count the number of vacancies in site GHI if the square footage (SF) is created by the use of a formula. But I want to do it as it is laid out on the attached.


I am looking for the fight formula to enter into the yellow highlighted cell on the attached (cell C12).


I believe it is a combination of COUNTIFS(SITES!B:B,B2,SITES!N:N,B12) and SUMPRODUCT(--ISFORMULA(SITES!P:P)) but I don’t know how to merge them in order to understand the answer to this question:


Depending on the text in USE:B2, filter SITES: B:B by that text, then count cells in SITES: N:N which include the text that exists in USE:B12, if SITES: P:P is a formula.

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On which Excel platform/version you are?

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This may work for you if you've got access to FILTER.


You guys are amazing. I am in awe. It actually indices uncontrollable laughter to see this artistry at work. SMH. I'm at a loss. Thank you for your help.


OH, and I'll be back for more help soon!

Glad I could help! Thank you for providing the sample workbook. That goes a long way in this forum in getting a quick solution (or three).


An alternative for older versions of Excel could be SUMPRODUCT.